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Born in a tenement
In sight of the sea
Wondered what life
Would bring to me

Went to school
To expand my knowledge
Fell into science
It was just like porridge

Worked in logic
For most of my career
Creativity to order
With the occasional beer

Then life changed
Out of the blue
I had to change
But what to do

So here I am
Exploring art
Searching for something
To call my part

About my photography

I don’t consider myself a true photographer. I see myself as more of an explorer. I explore as many art forms as I can.

I started with photography and have gradually transitioned into what I call ‘Digital imagineering’. Digital imagineering is using Photoshop to transform digital images into artworks.

Recently my exploration has begun to encompass sketching, drawing and painting. Poetry is also in the background with writing. Occasionally I combine my literary art with my visual art.

My adventure in creativity is just beginning.

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