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I have taken photographs for many years, mostly family holiday snaps with point  and shoot cameras.

Joining the Edinburgh Photography Meetup Group was a real eye opener for me and made me think about photography in a different light. It was a very steep learning curve involving computer skills as prior to this, I had limited IT knowledge.

  • Raw Files:Sounds Painful
  • Pixels:Do they still live in Scotland?
  • Light Room: I had never heard of before and the list goes on.

I enjoy a pint after Meetup on Thursdays, talking, listening and learning about photography.


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About my photography

I simply like to photograph things that interest me and much prefer the more documentary style of black and white images. My aim is to improve and take photographs that have impact. Taking photos for me is great fun and a way of expressing myself. It is also slightly addictive. I have learned a great deal from people in the Edinburgh Photography Meetup Group with lots still to learn. Educated (Photographically) at the Foot of the Walk and Caley Picture House!

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