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Born in Edinburgh, Scotland many years ago, I went to Broughton Primary and Secondary Schools before heading to Middlesborough at the age of 19, to do a graphic design course, specialising in photography.

Once completed, I then headed back north and proceeded to meander through life mainly working in a bar before getting married and raising 3 daughters, 2 of whom were born in New York, America where we lived for 7 years with my late wife working for the United Nations.

We subsequently lived in Germany for 1 year and Holland for 8 years before eventually coming back to Edinburgh due to my late wife’s illness. Throughout this time I maintained my interest in photography.


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About my photography

Once I discovered photography I very quickly fell in love with the medium with my initial interest being landscape photography. I would often disappear up the Pentlands for hours on end pretending to be Ansel Adams (well respected American photographer).

I also enjoyed taking people photographs as this was a very different approach in style and speed. I particularly enjoyed photographing parades and festivals where there was lots of colour and activity.

My main interest in the early days was black and white as I would often have a makeshift darkroom set up wherever we lived. I still miss these days and had to be dragged kicking and screaming into digital photography although now I can barely imagine going back to the old ways.

I’ve thoroughly enjoyed discovering and becoming part of the Edinburgh Photography Meetup Group as there are so many talented people within this group and I feel my photography has come on in leaps and bounds due to the influence of those around me.

I can’t imagine a life without a camera in my hand!

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