Photographer Galleries

Photographers were invited to join Fotobuddies for a number of reasons:

  • They are all photographers with whom I regularly take photographs – hence Fotobuddies!
  • They are all photographers who THINK about their photography and are happy to share their thoughts, opinions and knowledge.
  • They take great photos, have distinct photographic styles and, between them, they cover a variety of genres

The brief for selecting images was very simple: choose your 12 favourite images.

The Photographers

Edinburgh Fringe Performer

Alistair Cowan

Edinburgh Fringe Performer

Andy MacDonald


Alan Thomson

Fishing Huts, Talmond sur Gironde

Bill Hume

Festival Fireworks

Charles Keddie

Scotch Broth

Eric Robinson

Goosander and Chicks

Jonathan Gaunt

Skaw foundations and shed

Neil McCoubrey

Bridge, Salford

Nick Prior


Norman Dodds

Criss Cross

Shirley Finlay

Recent Posts

I developed the concept of Power/Subordination as a description for a key property (or output) of my images. It describes the relationship of power implicit in one or more image elements towards other elements (or the viewer) making them appear subordinate or somehow weaker. This feature is present in 27% of my “top 50” images and 22% of the…

I have noticed that some of my images, whilst superficially very similar, have quite different origins for their compositions. For example, these images, were both taken at Skaw on Unst on the same day: The next diagrammatic version explains what I perceived more clearly. The following image was conceived quite differently to either of the ones discussed above. I…

This title describes a situation where my initial impressions of a scene result (usually) in anthropomorphic narratives being applied to inanimate objects and their relationships within a scene. I then compose the image to emphasise the narratives I have seen. I emphasise these are almost instantaneous visions of relationships and potential narratives. These are compositions that I used to…