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Although born in Warwickshire I moved as a young child with my parents to the Scottish borders where I have lived ever since, except for a few years in Aberdeen and Northumberland.

My work has always been connected with agriculture in one way or another, the last 30 years in sales. Through this daily contact with farmers and landowners I have gained access to woodland and farmland to practice my passion for wildlife photography.

About my photography

My interest in wildlife goes back to my childhood and it was that interest alone that led me to photography, to try and record what I saw. About 15 years ago I bought my first camera. What started as an occasional hobby developed into something I now spend as much of my spare time doing as I possibly can.

Most of my photography is done within an hour of my home, mainly north Northumberland, which means I can get out more often and really get to know my subjects, I also try to fit in a few trips each year up the west coast of Scotland and the Cairngorms.

My aim is simply to try to capture interesting images of wildlife and its behaviour in a natural environment.

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