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I grew up in Dundee where I studied mathematics before pursuing an academic career in computer science. During my academic career, I worked at various universities in the UK and Europe, and was a Professor of Computer Science at ETH Zurich in Switzerland for more than 20 years before retiring to Edinburgh in the autumn of 2018.

I’ve always loved to travel, but it was only during my first trip to the Arctic in 2009 that I became interested in photography. My first photographic safari was in 2010 and I became addicted! Since then, I’ve been a regular visitor to Kenya as well as doing safaris in Tanzania and ZImbabwe. My favourite places in Kenya are Amboseli and the Maasai Mara.

I also love the polar regions and have been to the Arctic seven times and will have my fourth trip to the Antarctic regions in November 2019.

On my return to Edinburgh, I was fortunate to discover the Edinburgh Photography Meetup Group which is a wonderful group of friendly people who share my passion for photography and enjoy a good chat in the pub!

About my photography

Like many, I started photographing wildlife by taking what I would now consider to be “record shots”. Gradually, I realised that I wanted to create images that would invoke the emotions that I experience when I spend time with these beautiful creatures. Therefore. I started to focus more on portraits and close-ups that show the distinctive features of animals and the interactions among them. I also do a lot of slow panning to capture their motion and create something that is more abstract and, to me, aesthetically pleasing.

I write a monthly newsletter that tells the stories behind some of my images. In each newsletter, I usually include some background information on photography, wildlife or conservation. You can subscribe to my newsletter on my website

The best place to see more of my images is on my Instagram account where I post a new image most days.

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