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Nick Prior


I’ve been taking photographs for more years than I care to remember. I have a particular inclination towards monochrome and architecture. However I am beginning to appreciate the colours and the wide open landscapes of our newly adopted environment in the Borders.


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About my photography

I prefer to create images that reflect how I felt at the time I took the picture. Clearly there is much that is visual but its not the full story. On good days taking photographs is a bit like meditation, and I try to produce images that reflect that state of mind.

I’ll use a particular set of Photoshop functions to adjust colour, saturation, contrast and sharpness over all or part of the image.  It is much more time efficient to adjust images on the computer than try and mess with the camera to set it up each time to deal with what’s in front of it.

I tend not to merge in elements from other images because they don’t fit with my perception of reality.

If my images coincide with the rules of any particular photography game, well and good, but I’m not going to lose sleep over it. Equally if someone wants to misinterpret my pictures as a representation of a visual state of affairs, and judge them accordingly that’s not my problem.

Recently, as well as taking photos, I’ve also been writing about photography. You can find some of my articles on this website and more on my own photographic site at Nick Prior Photography.

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