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I was born near Glasgow in the early 70’s as one of five children. I have worked in far too many different jobs and industries to be very good at any of them.

I spent a good number of years travelling around and working in hotels and restaurants in all parts of Britain and further afield. I have worked in Theatre and television, all possible jobs in catering and hotels, sales, I.T. computing and even a call centre in my life.

After moving to Edinburgh nearly 4 years ago I took up photography seriously and joined the Edinburgh Photography Meetup Group. I now have the privilege of organising the group on a regular basis.


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I came fairly late into the photography game. Although I’ve owned a number of cameras through the years I didn’t take it seriously until late 2015. With the help of Norman Dodds, and the Edinburgh Photography Meetup Group, I have taught myself the fundamentals of photography over the last 4 years or so.

I have immersed myself into the photographic world since then and now make every effort to pass the knowledge I have gained onto others. I enjoy almost all types of photography but street and reportage are my favourite styles. I love to take images of people, birds and animals whatever the situation.

I have always tried to push myself photographically and love to learn new techniques and push my boundaries of understanding. Street photography is always a fun challenge, as you need to react quickly and look for interesting things, but reportage is my passion.

I have recently started teaching photography classes again in Edinburgh and I am embarking on a new venture in stock photography with a company called PicFair.

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